Since breathing our first breaths we try, fail, try again, until we succeed. But as adults we fear failure.
We’re supposed to know. Our businesses management is based on knowing. 20th century, Industrial Age business is structured based on:

  • hierarchical decision making
  • efficiency for financial efficiency’s sake
  • optimized execution

But we’re not in the Industrial Age anymore. Dealing with the uncertainty and complexity of the 21st century requires a new mindset.

We must (re)embrace our learning nature.

The 5 Elements of RAD Mindset

We can build Resilient, Aware, and Dyamic orgranizations capable of dealing with the complexity and endless disruptions of the modern world. 

  • Empathy – understand customers, stakeholders and colleagues deeply
  • Exploration – admit to what’s not known and go in search of answers
  • Evidence – leverage data and insights to cut through bias when making decisions
  • Equilibrium – balance execution and exploration work throughout the org
  • Ethics – maintain core values and personal ethics in work

Be a leader in change by adopting these in your work and in managing others.

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