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Have had a front-row-seat for twenty-plus years now, working with entrepreneurs, startups, governmental organizations, and large enterprises seeking to ignite change. In that time,
I’ve witnessed a thing-or-two. That’s for certain.

In many cases a great deal of attention and energy is given to new pursuits, but, this cannot
merely be blue sky enthusiasm for new, shiny ideas. Change demands a rigorous approach
to facing down uncertainty in a volatile world.

It includes encouraging people to arrive at, “I don’t know”. And being open to exploring
options and finding new ways of working.

It requires understanding problems, needs, desires–and aspirations.
People by-nature default to behaving in “Execution Mode” — comfortably doing and
repeating what has worked in the past — even when facing uncertainty.

But, the way to deal with uncertainty is to adopt a completely different mindset,
a “Learning Mode”. Since breathing our first breath we try, fail, try again, until we succeed.

We must embrace we are learning machines.

I could use this skillset for any project, any time of day. No need to
schedule time, or wait for the right opportunity to get feedback. It
doesn’t need to be a formal discussion, it’s just a few minutes
of simple personal conversation.”


“The Lean Entrepreneur was one of the most in-depth books on the lean startup movement that I’ve read yet; it’s a thick tome that covers every base. I appreciated how they didn’t just spout a bunch of hyperbola, but instead backed up every lesson with a real-life example of how it was applied in the real world by a startup. I’ve been going back to it constantly since I read it and it goes with me everywhere I work.”

– James Ro –


“The book is amazing, but when you meet
Brant Cooper in person it becomes even better.
Great read from an amazing guy!”


– Rodrigo Augusto Gomes Salvador –


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