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About the Book

Disruption Proof is both a call to action and a roadmap for change, based on three drivers of leadership and organizational disruption:

1) The RAD mindset — Adopting a new leadership perspective, agile workplace practices, and networked communications flow such that the organization is resilient to disruption, aware of changing conditions, and dynamic in response.

2) The Five E’s — Orienting work in a manner that weaves Empathy, Exploration, Evidence, Equilibrium and Ethics into every team and project undertaken.

3) The K-A-S-E strategy — Implementing in four key phases: Kickstart, Accelerate, Scale and Endure to sculpt the emergence of a new business from within the old.

The emergent business is focused on creating long-term value for their people, customers, and shareholders, ensuring success no matter what disruptions the world brings.

The Lean Entrepreneur

How Visionaries create products, innovate with new ventures, and disrupt markets

The Startup Bluebook

A Cheat Sheet to Customer Development, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Agile, and Jobs-to-be-Done

New Second Edition

At The Beginning of Lean Startup...

Written in the simple, no-fluff, direct style you’ve come to expect from Brant Cooper,  the Second Edition of the first #LeanStartup book adds:

  • Overview of Design Thinking, Agile, and Jobs-to-be-Done
  • How to integrate the frameworks to maximize impact
  • Complete example walk through
  • Contributions from the original Lean Startup experts

If you act now, a copy of first book will be included.

Additionally, sign up for tools demonstrated in the book, as well as friendly, easy-to-understand how-to videos, including:

  • Customer – Problem Zoom
  • Customer – Solution Zoom
  • Value Stream Discovery Loop
  • Rapid Experiment Loop
  • Brant’s Kanban board

“The Lean Entrepreneur cruises at 50,000 feet with a view of the context we are operating
in today’s economy. At the same time, it dives deep into key ways the new startup tools,
frameworks, and mechanisms can be leveraged to take advantage of a world filled with
uncertainty and opportunity.”

– Scott Case, CEO, Startup America Partnership