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Execute vs Explore

Buckle down. Execute. Just do it.

What does it mean to work harder, when you’re faced with uncertainty? What does that look like exactly?

Execution requires knowing. Uncertainty means not knowing. Startups and enterprise innovation succeed by differentiating between known vs unknown, and by working differently in the unknown.

Empathy ● Experiments ● Evidence
Equilibrium ● Ethics

Don’t confuse the size of the change you want to see with the size of the first step.

By all means, do; but learn to know.

Discomfort Zone

The guiding principles of managing change are found in the “entrepreneurial spirit.” Among the myths of “visionaries” is the idea that entrepreneurs are comfortable with risk, with chaos even.

What if your comfort zone is the most perilous place to be? We are all just spinning in space, but how do we know if we’re upside down or outside in, or inside up?

Continuous improvement is great and necessary and you should do it. But it does not stave off disruption. For that we must be willing to change. We must think boldly.

Entrepreneurs are not comfortable with risk, but just the opposite. So they work to reduce uncertainty.

Don’t merely plan; embrace the spirit.


“The Lean Entrepreneur cruises at 50,000 feet with a view of the context we are operating
in today’s economy. At the same time, it dives deep into key ways the new startup tools,
frameworks, and mechanisms can be leveraged to take advantage of a world filled with
uncertainty and opportunity.”

– Scott Case, CEO, Startup America Partnership