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Steve Blank at San Diego Tech Founders

At long last, here’s the video from Steve Blank’s presentation last month.

Steve Blank speaks to San Diego Tech Founders from Brant Cooper on Vimeo.

00:00 My Intro
03:17 Why Accountants Don’t Run Startups
– Old constraints on startups
– Entrepreneurial explosion
– Startups vs Small Businesses vs Large Businesses
– IBM example of big company disruptive innovation
– What did my income statement say in month 1?
– “You’ve just washed ashore on an a deserted island with a knife in your mouth and a loincloth.”
– Searching for a business model, not a business plan
– Customer Development
58:26 Atoms or Bits (New Material)
– Physical vs Online products
– History of Lean
1:03:26 Sloan vs Durant
1:08:41 Q&A
1:29:50 My Conclusion
Be sure to come check out entrepreneur turned investor Mark Suster talk to San Diego Tech Founders March 31.
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