Looking Back to Henry Ford and Ahead to Lean Startups

Looking Back to Henry Ford and Ahead to Lean Startups

Whether you are a government entity attempting to grow a startup ecosystem, a university trying to commercialize technology, a big business intent on reinvigorating (or saving) your business, or an entrepreneur seeking to change the world, you’re likely using old-school, 20th-century “innovation” methods in a new, unrecognizable, global economy.

Don't Think Big.  There, I Said It.

Don't Think Big. There, I Said It.

Those who run in #LeanStartup circles know too well the problems encountered with language.  Eric Ries, Steve Blank and others are criticized for choosing terms and phrases — lean, customer development, MVP, fail fast, etc. — which unintentionally lure...

Why UX? Why now?

When you hear concepts over and over, you often wonder is it because it’s swarming or because your ear is newly attuned to it? Did you know there’s a lot of people who believe that the #11 has super powers and that’s why when they look at the clock, it’s always 11 after? Seriously.
UX is hip. And rightly so. I thought I’d share a theory why this is so and what impact it might have on your startup. This despite the fact that I’m relatively new to UX concepts.

Crossing the Lean Startup Chasm

As an early believer in Lean Startup movement, I can perhaps be excused for my unbridled enthusiasm for the release of Eric Ries’ new book, The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses. Not however, for the reasons you might expect.
In fact, some early adopters of Lean Startups — those who have already bought into the framework to the extent that they’ve applied its practices into their high tech startup — might be a tad disappointed. They might have to look a little deeper; there’s no vanity steps to success herein.

Lean Startup Book Cover

Lean Startup Book Cover

Here’s what I submitted to Eric Ries as an idea for the cover of his upcoming book: For some reason, it didn’t get chosen.  : )  Actually, it’s a just slide from my You are (not) a Visionary deck I presented at last week’s Wisconsin’s...
You Are Here

You Are Here

As technologists working on new products and new markets, we tend to forget where we are on the technology adoption lifecycle curve.  That’s a mistake.  Here’s why: 1. Nobody cares See all that white space under the middle of the curve?  Those are people...

You Can't "Feature" Your Way to Success

Despite Dave McClure’s imploring to “kill a feature” and Eric Ries’ urging to “cut your product in half, then halve it again,” most startup founders I encounter are trying to work their way toward Product-Market fit by planning and building new features. The analytical mind of an entrepreneur, both engineer and business-side, naturally tends toward solving problems and ostensibly, features solve problems. But it’s the wrong approach for most startups.