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The State of Customer Development

When I first started blogging about Customer Development, last February, I felt like there were only a handful of people talking about it.  I’m sure that’s just a matter of perception.  The likes of Sean Ellis, Sean Murphy, Nivi at VentureHacks, Dave McClure, Hiten at KissMetrics, and Eric Ries had already thinking and blogging about it for many months (years?) before.
By March it was clear to me I had stumbled across something that was catching on.  It’s not insignificant that Twitter had just reached its “tipping point.”  Customer Development would ride the wave.  I first learned the value of Twitter through the promotion of great posts written by start-up superstars, many of which contained elements of customer development.  Rich Collins created the Lean Startup Google Group in June and it quickly grew to a couple hundred members.  There are now over 1700 members!
All of which leads me to this question, done in full cliche-riddled, end-of-2009, year-in-review regalia:

What is the State of Customer Development?

CustDevGuy and I decided to try and find out.    Will you help us by completing the appropriate survey below?   Also, we will raffle off 2 (1 from each group) $25 Amazon Gift Cards if you include your email address. Thanks!
==> I have read Steve Blank’s The Four Steps to the Epiphany.
==> I have not read (or not finished) Steve Blank’s The Four Steps to the Epiphany.
Thanks for participating! 
Update: I will post some of the results here so stay tuned!
Update 2: Preliminary results available here.
Please Note: Also, I want to assure you that all personally identifying information will be held strictly confidential.  Supplying any such data is optional.  (IP address is collected by the survey to attempt to block multiple responses by IP.)   Supplying email address is required if 1) you are interested in the raffle, or 2) you are interested in a follow up conversation regarding your experience with Customer Development.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Update 3: Raffle open until Monday 12/21; Survey is < 10 questions.
Update 4:  Raffle is over!  Winners have been chosen.  I will announce winners here if granted permission to do so.  Survey will remain open for new respondents.