Speaker – Author – Disruptor


You’re feeling disrupted. We all do on some level at some point.

Whether your multi-national enterprise is trying to carve a new path to growth, or having
the competition coming at you from out-of-the-woodwork — uncertainty causes an unease
in the back of your mind and the pit of your stomach.

The entrepreneur’s journey is famous for its manic peaks and valleys.

The feeling is a warning shot. Moreover, it’s a clarion call. Gone are the days of simply,
“execution wins”. To find growth, you must focus on learning first. To survive and thrive you
must discovering and creating new value for customers. You must change fundamentally in
order to move faster, with more agility, and in response to real needs, desires, and

You must be bold.

Sometimes the words we read or the songs we hear move us in ways we don’t fully grasp.
We feel a particular way, even though we can’t articulate why.

Welcome to the 21st century. Welcome to disruption poetry.

The Leadership Workshop was one of the best engagements I’ve had and this is across my
career, at companies like Pfizer, IBM & Pitney Bowes.

Our systems, processes – our very structure – is built upon the Industrial Age. We’re not in the Industrial Age anymore.

“The learning was fast and hands on. It was both exhausting and exhilarating. At the end of
the three-day session, our team was far more informed and capable. Everyone was
impressed with how much was learned and how valuable the experience was.”.