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Why “Develop” Products but not your Market?”

Marketing is not simply the execution of tasks pulled from a marketer’s toolkit.  One doesn’t “turn on” marketing or “do” viral marketing and expect to see a significant return. The key to effective marketing is learning which right activities will reach and convert the right customers. Marketing activities must be tailored to who you are as a business: your customers, their problem you are addressing, and the solution you’re providing them.
Customer Development marketing uses an iterative, learning approach toward finding the right tools, activities and methods to capture and convert the right audience for your products.
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More on Marketing

Appropriate marketing tactics totally depend on where you are as a company, your type of product and your market segment.  Beware the marketing consultant or PR agency that “puts you on a program.”  I can help you with any of the following, including reviewing plans put together by others:

  • Market strategy, product strategy, marketing plans, segmentation, marketing analytics;
  • Social media services, including blogging, blog promotion, twitter, facebook, etc.
  • Demand creation, lead generation activities, email campaigns, webinars, seminars, trade shows
  • Web site creation, funnels, e-commerce, SEO, SEM, SFA integration
  • Messaging, positioning, web content, white papers, sales decks
  • Marketing vendor management, including PR, Design, marketing automation, etc.
  • Marketing team management, sales-marketing alignment, product management